Announcing the First Wave of Speakers

We will have more details on speakers and sessions soon, but here’s a preview!

Patrick Smith Future of Design
Michele Butcher-Jones The 5 Star Customer Service Experience
Tracy Apps You Are Not Your Audience: How To Create User Centered Design.
Becky Davis Categories, tags and custom taxonomies – oh my!
Steve Stern Fun with Chome’s Developer Tools
Scott Winteroth Tactics for Selecting the Best WordPress Theme for the Job
Jason Knill Forecasting the Future: Business Practices and financial forecasting for a growing WordPress business
Aaron Campbell Being a Good Citizen in the WordPress Community
Josh Alexander Talking Clients Out of Bad Decisions
Allison Tarr Be The Loop You Want To See In The World
Jessica Gardner SSL: What It Is, How To Do It, and Why You Should Care
Lauren Jeffcoat Support Starts Here: How to go the extra mile to make and KEEP your customers happy
Meagan Hanes To the Word and Beyond! Extending WordPress Past a Simple Blog
Wendy Bolm The Tough Stuff: When and How to Fire a Customer